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Welcome to Himal Tech, London-based small  SEO & Website Consultation Company. Now, the company accepts orders from anywhere worldwide with a newly developed website and App. Major Working areas: IT Consultation, Website Consultant, SEO Consultation, SEO Audit, Keywords Ranking Audit (Report), Keywords Research, Website Health Check, SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Guest Post, Backlinks, Google Ads, Website Development, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, IT Consultancy, IT Service, IT Training, Print, Social Media Management etc. 



About Us



Details Services of Himal Tech 

Himal Tech offers the joy of IT Consultation, Website Consultation, SEO Consultation, SEO Audit, Ranking Keywords Audit, Keyword Research, Search Engine Keywords Ranking, SEO Strategy, SEO, Content Writing, Web Development, Website Security, and so on. Similarly, we provide Website Health checks, Guest posts, Backlinks, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, IT Support, and IT Training. Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Print, Google Ad Management, Paid Advertisement. We have some decent domains, do services, buy and sell, and all IT-related services.

Our dedication and happiness reflect on SEO, digital visibility and ultimately, search engine ranking. We help a website get on the first page of Google and increase the number of leads and sales you get from your website. In addition, we have a different package for start-ups or small or medium-sized businesses, helping them rank top on search engines and improve their online presence and brand identity.


IT Consultant - Digital Marketing Consultant - SEO Specialist - Ranking Consultant - Back Links Professional - Guest Post Specialist 

We have been learning and implementing our knowledge and experience in these industries since 2001. We have been learning from MS-DOS and used to carry floppy disks! It means we learned, implemented and faced lots of ups and downs. So, we can resolve your problems. We are based in Woolwich - London, just one minute from Woolwich Arsenal train station. So, visit us for more information. Similarly, We have an outsourcing partner office in South Asia with more than 100 IT professionals for urgent and significant IT projects. So, No job is too big or too small for us.


    Why Himal Tech?


  • Free Local SEO Audit 
  • Free Website SEO Audit 
  • Free Website Health Check 
  • Affordable, Trustable & Reliable
  • Academic & Practical Knowledge
  • Free genuine Backlinks & Guest Posts
  • Free Ranking Keywords  Audit (Report) 
  • Free Advertise on Classifieds Ads Website  




How do we work? 

  • Consultation
  • Research, Concept & Design
  • Development, Strategy's Implementation
  • Live
  • Security & Maintenance



Free Business Ads for Clients

We publish our client's Advertisements on these websites free of cost. 

  • Techgiks.com  - Its 50+ DA Website 
  • businessjourney.com - Premium domain Classified Ads known for backlinks. 
  • namastenetwork.co.uk




Himal Tech manages the different websites as below 

1. DA 50 + Website Techgiks.com  - Web Magazine

2. Premium Domain: World Classified Ads - Word Classified Ads Platform

3. More than 6000 listings: USAClassifieds.org  - USA Classifieds




Do you have any questions?

Still, if you have any question, please let us know; our team are just one call far away. Similarly, you can contact the company's founder, a Website Consultant.


History of Company 

Our founders have been engaged in the IT industry since 2001. Initially based in Nepal, they expanded to the United Kingdom in 2012. As of 8 July 2022, the company operates from Gunnery House, which was previously located on Woolwich High Street. Mr Jit Ranabhat, one of the counsellors from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, was present to encourage us. He says promoting and supporting local businesses in the Borough is always a pleasure. The Greenwich Council also nominated him for the BBC Radio London Make a Difference Hero Award. Throughout the pandemic, he has assisted the local communities. Besides him, others attended the event, including business personalities and clients.


Hiaml tech History



Founder - Ghimire Shakti

After graduation from the University of Greenwich, London, he was involved in business based on his university final project work. And later, he skilled-up in Marketing and Innovation from Anglia Ruskin University, London – UK. He is currently engaging with social charities (campaigns) and businesses such as Hospitality, logistics, Education, Human Rights and NGOs. So, he has knowledge and experience in Technology, Marketing, Business and social responsibility. Therefore you will have the extra privilege of working with him to grow your business or company. 




The founder's instability or flexibility is evident in how the company was birthed. After graduating in IT and Business in 2010 from the University of Greenwich – London, he created a Facebook page Namaste Tech based on his final University project on 16 October 2011. Similarly, he engaged in some research and volunteered in different businesses. So, with lots of ideas but an empty pocket, he kicks off the Business Journey in line with his goal of becoming a business person. The business started as a multi-sector target company with the founder inspired by the desire to change in different sectors. So it was registered as  Namaste Network ltd on 29 June 2012 and is ready to render any service to remain in the market. 

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the company and its founder. Very early stage, it was just around five quid for a day. Then, Smothery was gearing up, and after spending seven years in the same building with lots of love from customers, he moved to the ground floor on the same road in Sep 2019. Similarly, Namaste Network Ltd evolved into Digital Tech Idea, then Himal Tech Ltd, offering SEO, Website Audit and IT Consultant services. Over the years, the company has overcome several obstacles to remain relevant in the market and continue to deliver quality services to its clients in a highly competitive business environment where other businesses have collapsed.

Finally, the company has made many mistakes on this journey but learnt a lesson. According to Michael Gove, "people should never be defined by the worst decision. Instead, people should be given a chance to redeem themselves and change." Consequently, the company hope to get the love and support of clients and partners as usual in the future to create a relationship of trust filled with multimillion quid smile. So, very honestly, we shared our history; if you believe us, please place an order, and we will increase your company's online presence. 




Himal Tech - SEO - Ranking - Guest Post - Content Writing - Woolwich - London - UK 

IT Consultation services

IT consulting services are an integral part of consulting. So, seeking IT consulting services is to stay up to date and competitive in the marketplace as per the latest technology trends. So, 21st-century businesses owners are often seen searching for such services for adding value to their business. However, we realise a lack of professionalism and experience in IT Consulting companies in the Woolwich area.






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