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Website design or development is not everything. Nowadays, website security is one of the most critical tasks. Once we launch the website, we must set up or install necessary things that many website designers or owners ignore due to insufficient funds or time. Furthermore, sometimes they take it lightly. That’s why later, they will encounter website hackers and spammers. We strongly advise you to hire an IT Consultant or website security expert o deal with this matter. Let us know; we fix, host, manage & maintain websites. For example, we resolved the hacked website. Similarly, we remove malware viruses from the site.

website security

Malware Removal – Hacked Website fixing

If you have malware on your website or your hosting company deactivated your email because of malware in your server, don’t hesitate to contact us. We remove malware from the site, set up the necessary setting, and manage and install the software.

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Please keep in touch for all online security consultations if you live around the Woolwich – London or Dartford – Kent, UK area.  We can arrange a Zoom meeting if you are far away from these. Please let us know for those far from our office, as we are just one call far from you. Our IT security expert will visit your place or offer online support well. Furthermore, Himal Tech also provides the best SEO services so you can check our SEO monthly packages.

Malware Removal – Malware Removal in Woolwich – Malware Removal near me 

Please contact us if you need help working slowly with a computer or laptop.

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Helpful information on the Website Security

Protection from hackers

Website security is a factor visitors seek to determine how much they trust a website. It also ensures the site is safe from hackers and viruses. There are a few necessary steps which, if followed, can secure websites:

Install security plugins

A website incorporating a content management system in its basic structure can effectively implement security plugins to enhance the site. Security plugins can effectively block hacking attempts. Every CMS provides security plugins that can be free or charge a minimal price. For example, WordPress provides the following security plugins:

  • iThemes Security
  • Bulletproof Security
  • Sucuri
  • Wordfence


A website address with HTTPS preceding the name implies that the website is secure from hackers. It assures visitors that the site secures the sensitive information they input (passwords, phone numbers, etc.) from hackers. A website with these four letters in its domain name means they hold an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate provides security to transactions occurring on a site.

Update the website regularly.

Outdated websites are more susceptible to hacker attacks, and regular website design updates ward off hackers. In addition, as mentioned above, hackers often use obsolete websites as spam servers, slowing down the site.

Fixing a hacked Website

Website security has undergone multiple improvements over the years. It now entails securing websites from hackers and setting up a site that got hacked. However, a few preliminary steps might help to address a majority of problems:

Identifying the Attack

It is necessary to identify the problem first. You can easily detect whether a site has been hacked by scanning the area and examining the core file’s integrity. If the website has a security management system, you must check the system for any illicit activities. Often hackers manage to disable these securing systems. A diagnosis of the core structure of the website should reveal anomalies in case of hacking.

Cleaning a Hacked Website

Once you have identified your website’s hacking, you can follow simple cleaning steps to fix the issue.

Clean hacked website files: You must erase or replace the hacked files with clean duplicate files. We will try to provide a recent data backup instead of the original file.

Clean hacked database tables: Hackers can attack a website’s database and infect them with malware. To remove such infected databases, you can use your database admin panel to connect you to the database. There are also various tools that you can use to clean infected databases: Search-Replace-DB and Admirer.

Removing viruses and malware from a Website

Seventy-five per cent of verified websites face a risk of infection from malware and viruses. Malware is malicious software that disrupts a website’s working, much like a virus. A website infected with malware often shows unnatural behaviour, such as redirecting visitors to another site.

Hackers often disguise malware as HTML code snippets in the core structure of the website. Therefore, any anomaly in the programming can imply malware or virus. Much like detecting hacks, scanning the sites and databases help in the identification of malware and virus.

Scanners analyse the files hosted by the website. They can also detect known malware scripts, algorithms, backdoor files and malicious code. The scanners put out an alert on encountering malware. You can also identify malware manually without using scanners. For example, you can review the script of the core structure of your website and place any questionable code. These codes generally imply the presence of malware.

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