Website Design Checklist

Planning for Website Design?

Are you planning to design a website? Or are you thinking of redesigning or redeveloping a website? Here are a few of the most essential website design checklist tasks before you launch your website.

Website Design Checklist

What Website Design Checklist Contains?

Loading Speed

Typically, the ideal loading speed is 4 sec. The website should load and be ready to use in 4 seconds, even less on computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Meta Title & Description

After website design, there are many things to do, such as page titles in search engines. And it’s like an advertisement for your page, created via the metadata. The purpose is to create pleasing listings in Google’s organic search results for the business.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate makes your website secure, improves customer trust, and improves search engine rankings. Google made SSL mandatory in 2018, flags websites that do not have a certificate installed, and displays a warning message of ‘Not Secure’ on the URL bar.

Google Search Console

GSC is a free tool from Google that will help you keep an eye on your website’s performance in Google’s search results. Before launching your website, you can connect with GSC to verify and add your website.

Sitemap Submitted

A sitemap is a table of contents for your website to help Google find each page and understand the hierarchy you have used. Submitting a sitemap can be done via the Google Search Console and will help Google determine what pages you have on your website so they can index them.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to monitor your website’s traffic in detail and in real time. First, you must log in to Google Analytics and set your website up as a new entity. You will then be given a snippet of code you need instead of your website’s sectioning.

Bounce Rate

Once you have set up Google Analytics on your website, your visitors will be automatically tracked and their data stored. Over time you will be able to see the average bounce rate. It’s a significant number to keep an eye on as it is the percentage of people landing on your website and leaving immediately. A high bounce rate is anything over 60% and indicates that something needs to be fixed.

Mobile Optimised

In Q3 of 2019, mobile devices generated 51.51% of global website traffic. That means your website needs to display correctly and load quickly on mobiles. Google provides the “Mobile-Friendly Test” tool to work out your website’s mobile-friendly. It will look at specific pages and your website as a whole.

Fix 404 Pages

A 404 error means the page doesn’t exist, and sending traffic to such pages provides a poor user experience. Google’s Search Console will crawl your website and identify any 404 pages so you can restore any pages that have been deleted by accident or set up a redirect to the correct page.

Cookie Policy

In accordance with several laws regarding privacy, websites must request the consent of their visitors before storing or retrieving any personal information on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Therefore, your website should include an accepting button that you must click on before they begin. Your policy also should contain information on how your users may opt out of the cookies or change their settings regarding the cookies on your website.

Optimize images

Your choice of images will dictate your website’s personality, but the photos need to be optimized to make the image size smaller. However, it will ensure your website loads quickly and help your SEO ranking.

Google PageSpeed

Google Page Speed Insights is a website that will check our website’s performance and give it a score out of 100 for both mobile and desktop. A high score means your website has been built correctly and will help your SEO, so it’s an important metric to check before launching.

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