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 Himal Tech, Woolwich based SEO & Website Consultation Company. 

About Himal Tech

Himal Tech is a Woolwich, London-based SEO & Website Consultation Company working since 2012. Major working areas: IT Consultation, Website Consultation, SEO Consultation, SEO, SEO Audit, Keywords Ranking Audit (Report), Keywords Research, Website Health Check, SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Guest Post, Backlinks, Google Ads, Word Press Website Development, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, IT Service, IT Training, Print, Social Media Management etc. We have some decent domains, do services, buy and sell, and all IT-related services.

Why Himal Tech?

  • Free 5 Minutes Consultations 
  • Free Local SEO Audit 
  • Free Website SEO Audit 
  • Free Website Health Check 
  • Affordable, Trustable & Reliable
  • Academic & Practical Knowledge
  • Free genuine Backlinks & Guest Posts
  • Free Ranking Keywords  Audit (Report) 
  • Free Advertise on Classifieds Ads Website 

How do we work? 

  • Consultation
  • Research
  • Concept & Design
  • Development, 
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Live
  • Security & Maintenance

Himal Tech


Himal Tech offers the joy of Consultation (IT, Website, SEO), SEO Audit, Ranking Keywords Audit, Keyword Research, Search Engine Keywords Ranking, SEO, Content Writing, Web Development, Website Security, and so on. Similarly, we provide Website Health checks, Guest posts, Backlinks, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, IT Support, & IT Training. Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Print, Google Ad Management, Paid Advertisement. We have some decent domains, do services, buy and sell, and all IT-related services.

Our dedication and happiness reflect on SEO, digital visibility and, ultimately, search engine ranking. We help a website get on the first page of Google and increase the number of leads and sales you get from your website. In addition, we have a different package for start-ups or small or medium-sized businesses, helping them rank top on search engines and improve their online presence and brand identity.

Himal Tech

Why Choose Us?

Marketing Leading platform and beautiful Design 

Opening Hours for  Website & SEO Services Open 24 Hours Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM at the office, and the rest of the time remotely via chat or WhatsApp.)

Organically achieve your goals

Become part of an award-winning team

A guide to the best ROI techniques

The team includes members who have experience spanning more than a decade.

Free Business Ads for Clients

We publish our clients’ advertisements on these websites free of cost. 

Website Manage by Himal Tech 


  • DA 50 + Website Tech giks – Web Magazine
  • Premium Domain: World Classified Ads– Word Classified Ads Platform


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History of Company 


Our founders have been engaged in the IT industry since 2001. However, it was formally established in the UK in 2012. As of  2022, the company operates from Gunnery House, previously located on Woolwich High Street. Mr Jit Ranabhat, one of the counsellors from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, was present to encourage us.  Besides him, others attended the event, including business personalities and clients. 

The company was established in the UK as a University final project. Namaste Tech, a web-based IT project, was final semester project at the University of Greenwich, London – UK. After graduating from the University of Greenwich in 2011, founder put his academic concept into practice. In this way, the business journey started and was officially registered as Namaste Network Ltd.  After a few years, it changed its name from Digital tech Idea Ltd to Himal Tech Ltd. 

Why have we started? 

  • We realise a lack of professionalism and experience in IT Consulting companies in the Woolwich area.

History of Involvement in IT Industries


We have been learning and implementing our knowledge and experience in these industries since 2001. The journey started with learning from MS-DOS and used to carry floppy disks! It means we learned, implemented and faced lots of ups and downs. So we can resolve your problems. 


Website & SEO  Experience


We have an academic from London, UK, with over a decade of experience in website development, SEO, and digital marketing. We operate for local and international companies, so we know business needs. We understand every business is unique, so we carefully research your online marketing assets. Furthermore,  our team members are skilled in Marketing and Innovation to address the client’s demand for website-related services. They currently engage with social charities and businesses such as Hospitality, Logistics, Education, Human Rights and NGOs. Therefore, you will be privileged to work with us to grow your business or company. You will get a volunteering spirit.

The power of Information Technology can change the world straight away. We will help to increase your business visibility on the search engine and grow your work. It’s a reason why so many people admire us. In the days and months to come, we will continue to bring new services. We aim to make your business activities, products, and services more search engine-present and deliver a strategy far beyond your expectations. Himal Tech is the spirit to take on any challenge. We keep the spirit alive. 

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Where are we based?


We are based in Woolwich – London, just one minute from Woolwich Arsenal train station. So, visit us for more information. Similarly, We have an outsourcing partner office in South Asia with more than 100 IT professionals for urgent and significant IT projects. So, No job is too big or too small for us.

Member of Team


WordPress Developer

IT Manager

IT Manager


SEO  Director

Indian Website Designer

SEO Consultant




Content Writer 


What is Content writing

Content Writer & Customer Care

Computer Working Slow

Er. Kushmita
Content  Writer Interns

Business Videographer

Business Videographer

Website Designer 

Er. Rajan
S. Laravel & Word Press Developer

Er. Donald
Laptop Repair

After reviewing us and the team members,
if you are happy to place an order or are looking for information, please fill out a Quote form. 

Member of Dell Expert Network – Dell Financial Services 

We are a member of the Dell Expert Network and Dell Financial Services. As a result, our clients can finance the project, and the client can make monthly payments to us or lease the equipment. Over 8 billion dollars are funded each year. Dell Financial Services provides payment solutions to distributors, channel partners, and end users in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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