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Welcome to our SEO Exeter Service Page. Exeter is an ancient city on the Exe River in South West England. Exeter’s ramparts date back to Roman times and surround the centre and Exeter’s Gothic cathedral. A Normandy landmark, Exeter Castle overlooks the lush gardens of the Northern Hay and Rougemont. To the west is the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM), which showcases artwork and costumes. Arched medieval underground passages meander beneath the city. 

SEO Agency in Exeter


Search engine optimisation improves your website’s natural web traffic and online visibility. A tactic used to make a specific company’s products or services appear at the top of search engine results for similar websites for Google, Yahoo, Bingo, and others. The effects of paid advertising are temporary, but they increase web traffic and sales. Using the most effective SEO means increasing long-term leads and sales across digital channels. By the way, what do you think about that? You can invite people to visit your website. In today’s complex market, where many competitors strive for the top spot, his SEO expert at Himal Tech will help you stand out and attract customers. We also offer affordable SEO services to avoid Google penalties. Our service costs much less than others. If interested, let us know how many keywords you want your website to focus on.

Our SEO services in Exeter provide consistent organic search engine optimisation for your website. We pride ourselves on delivering ethical results because SEO is our passion, and our ideas and techniques help you develop a solid online presence. Exeter locations and national and even international companies can be our specific targets. We offer a wide range of SEO services, including SEO audits, keyword research, keyword positioning, link building, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Please get in touch with us for SEO-related work as part of an hourly project, freelance or remote position. We can rank any website On SERP or Google’s first page, and our services are as follows.

SEO Exeter

 SEO Services in Exeter

  • Web 2.0 / Social Bookmarking
  • SEO Audit / Back Link Audit / Rank Keyword Audit
  • Website Speed Optimise
  • Monthly / Weekly Website Reports
  • Back Links building and Cleanup
  • SEO Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  • Complete Website and SEO Consultations
  • Website Analysis / Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Analysis
  • On-page Setup
  • On-page SEO / Local SEO Off-Page SEO / Technical SEO
  • Google Maps Optimisation
  • YouTube SEO
  • GSC Setup Google Analytics Setup
  • Sitemap / Robots.txt Setup
  • Canonical URL Setup / Redirection
  • Link Building / Business Listing / Guest Post Backlink
  • Outreach link building

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SEO Freelancer in Exeter

Please join our SEO monthly packages if you’d like our SEO services. If you still need to, you may address your SEO problems permanently for a one-time fee with our one-time fees. Also, we may offer our clients ongoing service. Furthermore, because we provide flexible services, clients never return once they contact us. If you’re not interested in any of the services above, don’t worry. You can also book a free 5-minute consultation to learn more about our SEO services. We offer a paid 30-minute video consultation with him for £30 if you want more. Our SEO specialist will do her best to help your business grow. You can also ask questions during the online session.

SEO Exeter near me

Based in the UK and with over 18 years of experience, we are his SEO consultants with an IT focus. As a result, an SEO audit specialist will conduct their SEO audit of the website. First, identify relevant issues using industry-leading, state-of-the-art SEO analytics tools. Finally, you can publish your solution on your website if you want. We also have another page of an essential SEO checklist with many suggestions to improve your website’s SEO if you are an IT professional or think you can fix your website by yourself.

Finally, if you are near our office, you can visit us directly. If not, please keep in touch with the SEO Exeter team. We’ll schedule a video consultation. Also, you can see our social media, Himal Tech LinkedIn, for more.

SEO Exeter Successful results 

You can now view our work online if you wish. For example, if you enter “Cargo to Nigeria” or “Cargo to India”, Google will display the customer’s website on the first page. You can also find our projects on by searching “Cargo to Nepal”. Additionally, many of our projects appear on the first page of SERPs. Please review our successful SEO results before contacting us for your next SEO job. Would you like to appear on the Google homepage? In this case, we offer the most effective SEO solutions to make your website or business appear on the front page. Below are some of the latest projects that have received critical acclaim since their debut.

  • UK University Colleges:
  • Himal Courier:
  • RD Consultancy:

SEO Training in Exeter

Our company also offers SEO training in Exeter. It’s a practical or job-focused training course. You’ll get a certificate from our company at the end. There will be an online course or a physical course in our office. Training starts from £30 per hour. You will learn WordPress website development, SEO, Canva for photo and video editing, and Digital Marketing. After training with us, we do offer an internship if you wish. Similarly, we help you to optimise your LinkedIn profile and CV. 

Does SEO Guarantee for Ranking?

Like others, we can say that we can guarantee ranking for SEO in the Exeter business. If you follow search engine guidelines, then, of course, it’s yes. But as we know, Rome was not built within a night, and SEO also takes a lot of effort and time. It’s a long-term, ongoing task. There are more than 200 factors which play an essential role in ranking. But it’s not impossible. Explore our SEO checklist and SEO page for what you need to do to rank your keywords. If you don’t follow or give sufficient time, then it’s not. Very simple. 

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No lengthy contracts. Enjoy our  Website, SEO & IT services with flexibility and peace of mind. Your needs, your terms!

Remote Monitoring

Proactive solutions with remote monitoring. We will keep an eye on your systems to ensure peak performance and security.

Finally, we would like to thank you for visiting our website. After exploring our website and reviewing our company, we hope you have something positive to say about us. If you would like to place an order right away, please fill out the quick contact form or quote so that a member of our team can get in touch with you. If you need more information, please visit us in person. The address can be found by watching the YouTube video or looking at the map. We will be pleased to assist you if you cannot see it. If you have questions or need further assistance, please get in touch with us via telephone or email. It is also possible to schedule Zoom appointments online.

 During the visit or the online or phone consultation, we will review your website’s needs and make recommendations. If you are unsure or want to keep it for later reference, please follow us on Social Media, where you will receive regular updates and offers.  Similarly, explore our essential pages, such as IT  Consultation Website Development, SEO, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Google Business Profile (Map) Optimisation, Job Focus IT Training, etc.

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