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Himal Tech provides Website Design services in Greenwich. It specialises in Website & SEO Consultation, SEO, Graphic design, and IT training. With over 20+ years of experience in IT industries & a proven track record of success, Himal Tech provides the best and most creative website design at an affordable price.

Website Design Company in Greenwich

Himal Tech is a Woolwich-based website design company that serves the entire Greenwich area. Our services include building websites to serve as an online home for private individuals and businesses. A website is a digital collection of web pages, images, videos, and other digital resources. As companies move to the digital world, websites have become their identity and reflection. Rather than visiting a store, customers search for information online nowadays. So, an online presence is an essential aspect of any business.

Depending on their type, business websites serve different purposes and target different audiences. For example, there are information websites that provide valuable information on particular topics, e-commerce websites that provide online business, and so on.

Website Design Services in Greenwich

Are you looking for the best website designer in Greenwich, Don’tn? Don’t hesitate to contact us as we are based in Woolwich. If you need keyword research, ranking, or content writing services, please do not hesitate to contact us. The chances of a user visiting your website and enquiring about your products or services are excellent if you appear on the first page of the business’s relevant keyword. So email us your business URL, target location and a few examples of keywords you want to target so we can find out more about your business and provide free no-obligation with the initial analysis report of your website.

Website Design Greenwich

Website Design Popular Platform in Greenwich

WordPress is an often used platform by small and medium-sized businesses in Greenwich to develop websites. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive options library, users can create visually appealing and functional websites with little effort.

WordPress may not be suitable for all businesses, especially those with large websites. In such cases, companies may use Larval or another CMS that offers custom development capabilities. Among Greenwich’s online landscape, WordPress remains a popular choice, providing businesses with a cost-effective and efficient solution. As a result of its flexibility and accessibility, it is an ideal solution for companies looking to develop attractive and informative websites without requiring advanced technical skills. Different technologies, platforms, languages, markup, tools, and so on can be used to design and create websites, such as:

  • WordPress
  • Larval
  • WIX
  • Shopify
  • Adobe XD
  • Bootstrap
  • Canvas
  • Dreamweaver
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Square space
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

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Website Development Theme & Builders in Greenwich

An effective website combines design and functionality to attract users, maximize navigation, and promote a brand’s identity. For the design of the visually appealing website, these platforms were used:


Since Astra and The7 are versatile, feature-rich, and easy to integrate with our projects, we chose them as our WordPress themes.


Known for its speed and versatility, Astra is a lightweight and customizable WordPress theme. With its pre-built templates and ability to work with popular page builders, it’s a popular choice for quickly and efficiently creating websites.

The 7 

Clean layouts and customizable features make the 7 theme versatile and modern. Due to its responsive design, it is compatible with a wide variety of devices. Its simplicity makes it ideal for various websites, from blogs to portfolios, emphasizing content and user experience.


While we are familiar with all page builders, we have special experience in Elementor and WPBakery.


The Elementor WordPress plugin allows users to build visually appealing, functional websites without coding using drag-and-drop construction. For efficient design customization, it offers a variety of customizable widgets and templates.


The WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. Without writing code, users can easily create and customize website layouts. It offers a user-friendly interface for designing web pages efficiently.

How Website is developed using WordPress

  • Choose a domain name and sign up for WordPress-compatible web hosting.
  • Select a suitable WordPress theme.
  • Customize the theme to match branding preferences.
  • Install essential plugins for enhanced functionality.
  • Create and organize website content.
  • Optimize for SEO with relevant keywords and meta descriptions.
  • Set up navigation menus for easy user navigation.
  • Test and launch the website.
  • Perform regular maintenance, including updates and backups.

WordPress Website Design in the Greenwich

Building a modern digital presence in Greenwich is done with WordPress website design. It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options to help you build outstanding, functional websites, regardless of the type of website design. Professional WordPress designers create visually appealing websites that connect the latest trends to Greenwich’s active culture.

A WordPress site is ideal for creating an e-commerce site in Covent Garden or a portfolio site for young artists in Shore Ditch because of its flexibility. With local insights and global perspectives, UK-based designers create engaging and traffic-generating websites. With WordPress website design in the Thamesmead, you’re guaranteed quality, innovation, and an exceptional commitment to excellence.

WordPress Website Design Specialist in Greenwich

Using WordPress for website development has made us a leading WordPress Website Design Specialist in Greenwich. As a Woolwich-based company, we offer complete solutions according to the needs of our clients. With the team members having years of experience dating back to 2003, we bring extensive knowledge and skill to every project. Our WordPress experience allows us to create beautiful, functional websites that effectively showcase our clients’ businesses and generate results. We will assist you in achieving your online presence goals through WordPress.


SEO Based WordPress Website Design Agency in the Greenwich

An SEO-focused WordPress website development involves optimizing content, structure, and performance to increase search engine visibility and rankings. Here are key focus points for SEO optimization:

  1. To improve search engine searchability, create meaningful content and optimize it.
  2. Using SEO plugins such as Yoast or Rank Math for detailed on-page optimization.
  3. Maintaining mobile responsiveness and fast loading speeds to elevate user experience and search rankings.
  4. Integrating schema markup to enhance the website’s readability by search engines.
  5. Establishing strategic internal linking and navigation architecture to improve site indexing and user engagement.
  6. Maintaining search rankings through regular content updates and supporting backlink generation.

Website Development Projects

We have an experienced team that has been using WordPress since 2003. Some of our successful projects are:

Free Website Design Consultation in Greenwich

For over a decade, we have provided comprehensive SEO services to businesses and organizations in Greenwich London and surrounding areas throughout the UK and worldwide. We help businesses increase their traffic to their website and increase their sales and profits. The information we have provided about why you need to partner with a website and SEO service provider like us has been explained. If you still need more information, then please visit our office. In addition, we can also arrange an online meeting where a member of our IT staff will gather information about your business’ website content’s SEO and Digital Marketing strategy. After that, we will provide recommendations and a proposal to you.

Each Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., we offer free Website SEO and Digital Marketing consultations. Fill out the form below or contact us by phone or email to inquire about availability.

  • Free Website Consultation
  • Free SEO Audit Report 
  • Free Keywords Ranking Report
  • One-Year Free Organic Backlinks

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