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In the world of search engine optimisation (SEO), content is king. Here at Himal Tech, we provide content for websites. Similarly, we provide content writing services for small & medium-sized businesses to help them achieve their online goals. We also create fresh and engaging content for your blogs or websites, ensuring it resonates well with your target audience. Today, content is a powerful tool for businesses, and its purpose in a website is no longer just product descriptions. Content helps companies differentiate themselves, provide value, and establish rapport with the industry. This transformation is responsible, to a large degree, for the rapid growth of e-commerce – which has fundamentally changed the landscape of online marketing.

Content Writing Services in the UK

Our content writing services are top-notch and guaranteed to provide you with excellent articles and fast delivery. Our content writers and editors strive to create the best content, but our services go further. We always ensure you have the opportunity to have a discussion with us (particularly at the beginning) to fine-tune our content so that it matches your business’s unique voice and message. Furthermore, going forward – you will always have the freedom to approve and request any rework of our content before publication. Our services include:

  • Content for Website and Blog
  • Content for the website’s Newsletter and Article
  • Content for Social Media Posts
  • SEO Blog Writing
  • Corporate Profile & Executive Summaries
  • Reports/Case Studies
  • Presentations (PPT) and Press Releases
  • Proposals and Business Plans
  • Editing / Proofreading
Content Writing

What is website content writing?

Every website has a specific target audience and requires the most relevant content to attract business. The content needs to include relevant keywords, specifically aimed at improving a website’s SEO. A website content writer is specialised and experienced in providing the type of content that will resonate with your business’s voice and help rank your website highly via SEO.

One image with SEO Friendly Articles

To enhance the visual appeal of our content, we usually include one relevant image in our articles. Additionally, we write SEO-friendly articles to increase your website ranking in the search engine result pages organically and naturally.

Price for Website Content Writer

  • 200 Words £20
  • 500 Words £40
  • 800 Words £50
  • 1000 Words  £60

Editing and Proofreading

Use our expertise as professional editors and proofreaders to elevate your content. We meticulously refine your writing for websites, blogs, YouTube videos, essays, and social media posts, ensuring flawless clarity and conciseness.

  • £30 – Up to 500 Words
  • £50 – up to 1000 words

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Content Writing in London

We create engaging content that connects our audience in London with their culture. With the help of our skilled writers, we write engaging content that reflects your brand’s voice and drives engagement and conversions. From SEO-optimized articles to captivating social media posts, we deliver content that engages users and elevates your online presence.

Content Writing in Woolwich 

Seeking a freelance content writer for your personal or business website, blog, YouTube, or social media? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer an exclusive 5% discount for our Woolwich and South-East London clients and a 6% discount for our Dartford and Kent clients. We are also ready to assist you with a variety of website content needs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Content Writing

What is content writing?
The digital age has caused a surge in demand for written content. People seek information and entertainment online - making written material highly valuable. Content writing involves creating and publishing quality written material for various purposes, including website content, marketing material, blog posts, and platform-specific content. Beyond writing, content creation also includes editing and proofreading - ensuring the material is grammatically correct and without errors. Content writing encompasses various forms, including email newsletters, video scripts, white papers, podcast titles, landing pages, keynote speeches, webpage copy, and YouTube video descriptions. Effective content creation requires the ability to articulate thoughts in clear and concise language. Content writers do a lot of market research, organise ideas and create compelling narratives. Simplicity is also key to ensure readers can easily comprehend the content. Referencing others’ work is acceptable in content writing, but plagiarism is highly unethical. It is unacceptable to claim someone else's work as your own. Originality is paramount and you need to ensure that the created content is authentic and devoid of unethical assumptions.
Why do we need professional content writers?
Content writing is a creative profession that requires a mix of writing skills and technical expertise. While strong writing skills are the foundation, successful content writers, in this day and age, may also possess a deep understanding of digital marketing, SEO, website management, and even graphic design. Content writers must master various tools and applications, including Google Docs, graphic design software, and social media management platforms. These tools enable them to create engaging content, ensure visual appeal, and distribute their work effectively across multiple channels. SEO knowledge is crucial for content writers to optimise their work and make sure it ranks higher in search engine results. Website management skills are also essential for content writers - this allows them to collaborate with developers and ensure content seamlessly integrates with their clients' websites. Additionally, knowledge on specific online marketing tools, such as mastering Google Ads, empowers content writers to understand how paid advertising campaigns work. It also allows them to tailor content strategies to align with a campaign’s overall marketing objectives. Beyond technical skills, content writers must excel in market research. They must have a keen understanding of their target audience and craft content that resonates specifically with their interests and needs. Finally, content writers should embrace continuous learning to stay ahead and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape and keep a close eye on emerging trends in content creation and marketing.
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