Computer Working Slow

Revitalize Computer Performance: Expert Speed-Up Services

Nowadays, a significant number of computers are working slowly and need repair. Same thing for laptops as well. But computers or notebooks working very slowly is a common problem. So, if your personal or business computers run slow, it can negatively impact productivity. If you can not fix them, please bring your computer to our office; we will check and clean unnecessary software viruses and make it fast. We speed up your PC (personal computer or laptop) & Optimise. Contact us for below services:

  • Standard privacy protection, Standard cleaning
  • Complete PC Health Check
  • Updates apps to reduce security risks
  • Complete cleaning
  • Keeps your browsing history private
  • Detects and removes internet trackers
  • You will not run out of space as a result
  • Instant product updates
  • Priority customer support
Computer Working Slow

General Cause of Computer Working Slow

First of all, let’s discuss why computers are working slowly. And we have figured out a few as below.

1. Hasn’t Been Rebooted

Usually, if you have not rebooted for a long time, the laptop or computer may run slowly. When a computer starts running slowly, taking 90 seconds to reboot is the simplest way to test if there’s a more significant issue or if the machine needs to restart.

2. Background Programs

Too many programs running on your laptop or computer may run very slowly. Although these programs may not have a visible window open, they can take up a computer’s memory and other resources. Since these programs may launch automatically, having a computer repair expert assess the PC and optimise it is helpful, so background programs don’t continue to be a problem.

3. Lack of Hard Drive Space

The hard drive space of most modern computers is quite large. However, if a computer has many videos or other files saved, even a large hard drive can get filled up. To address this issue, a variety of approaches can be taken. One option is to delete large files you used long ago. Adding an external hard drive to the computer is also available. And upgrading may be the best option if a computer has a smaller hard drive because it’s older.

4. Infected with a Virus or Malware

Of all the reasons a computer may run slowly, this is one of the most serious. Getting a virus or malware off a laptop can be challenging, but if the computer is connected to others via a network, those computers are also at risk. Therefore, solving and avoiding this problem is essential.

5. Conflicting System and Program Versions

An older operating system can conflict with a newer program version and cause the entire computer to run slowly. An update may solve this problem, or the only solution may be upgrading the computer to a newer model.

Computer slow Fix charges

First of all, as we mentioned above, try to fix it. Have a look at below common reasons why computers run slow. If you can not do it yourself, we can resolve it. Could you call or email us to book an appointment to visit our office to check and let you know what repair is required to fix them? Usually, our price starts at £30. So, book an appointment today! Furthermore, Himal Tech also has SEO services so you can check our SEO monthly packages.

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Slow-working computer fix duration

It takes at least two days. But if we are not busy, we can hand it over on the same day, even if in front of you. Our workload determines how long it will take.

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If your computers or laptops need repair, please visit and book an appointment. Similarly, check out our YouTube Videos on  5 Tricks to Speed Up Windows Laptops and How to speed up your PC by adding more RAM. Also, please don’t forget to check your internet speed.

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