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Are you looking for premium or long-history domains? Then please do contact us. Premium domains are short, keyword-rich, brandable, and easy to remember. Similarly, a memorable domain name is the best way to ensure your customers and search engines find you easily. Premium domains are in high demand, don’t miss the opportunity to own this one. If you are interested in domain buy-sell, please see the sample of a couple of lists below.

Domain Buy-Sell

Old Domain for Sale

Lots of people are looking for old domains to buy. There is a lot of old part for sale as well. We also have some old premium domains, and they are multi-purpose. Old fields might have lots of web traffic, backlinks, guest posts and keyword ranking. Starting your business with a recognised domain name helps grow your business or services very quickly, so you don’t feel you are a new trader in the market. Another important fact is that you will not get a short, catchy name already booked. So it would be best if you went for the pre-registered name.

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Who registered the valuable domains name?

Services providers, IT companies, freelancers, brokers, and registered domains are cheap and kept in the market for a high price. Recently Facebook introduced Meta as the primary company where Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and others remain. Once Meta launched, prices of all the meta-related domain names increased significantly. 

USA Classifieds Domain for Sale –

Price of £10K! It’s a long history domain since 2002, but the latest drop-in Jan 2010. So it means more than 11 years old part. Backlinks: more than 141.66k. Good web traffic in the past. 

High DA Domain for Sale  – Tech Domain for Sale –

Asking Price: £10K Domain only, for content and website, extra £4,000. It’s a DA 50+ domain. If you want to run an Online News or Tech Magazine, guest post, website or blog, or vlog, it will be the best option as SEO and IT professionals want to make backlinks from DA 10 and the above website. It registered In 2012 but dropped six times. It used to have a good number of web traffic.

Business Domain for Sale –

The asking price is £50K! Premium business-related domain name for sale. Domain started Tracking in 2002, and the latest drop was in 2012. Premium domain continued after that. Excellent Domain Authority and backlinks. A similar website,, sold for $7.5M and later $350M (source Wikipedia). So, let’s sell these premium domains to multimillionaires. 

Multi-Purpose Domain for Sale –

Asking Price: £50K Domain! Long history domain since July 2001. For a bundle, you can buy ‘’. You can use it for real estate, jobs, and other services. It has had good website traffic and has a backlinking of more than 200K. It backlinks with ‘’ (’s Alexa ranking is 864).

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Courier Domain for Sale – 

The asking price is £200KIt’s best if you want to run a courier business. Its many keywords rank in the number 1 position in the UK’s search engines and other countries. So, we can say you will expect good web traffic. It comes with different accounts, such as Google My Business/Map or social accounts, with many reviews and followers. is a short and catchy domain name, so you can run a courier company like or 

The asking price is £10,000! Long history domain since May 2002 – £5K with Logo

Soft is a widely used keyword, and it comes with a logo.

Article Directory Domain for sale – 

Asking Price: £5000 including website £8000! Keywords such as Idea and Forum are used widely and come with a logo made in 2005. – £1000

It will be the best option if you are looking for directory submissions or classified ads.


  • – £5K
  • ViralAnyThing – £3K
  • – £20K
  • – £20K
  • – £5K
  • – £20K
  • – £10K
  • – £20K
  • – £10K
  • – £10K
  • – £500
  • – £2K 
  • – £2K 
  • – £3K
  • – £1K
  • – £1K
  • – £5K
  • – £500  

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