Domain Name Registration

Crafting SEO-Friendly Domain Names

The act of reserving a name on the Internet for a specific amount of time, often a year, is known as domain name registration. You should be aware that this domain will only be yours for as long as you renew it; you cannot buy a domain name in perpetuity. For a website, email, or other online service to be reachable from the internet with your domain name, domain name registration is required. It is a system that is worldwide managed and supported by accredited Domain Name Registrars, such as Go Daddy, 123-reg, and Fasthosts, who will register your domain name with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organisation that has overall control over it.

By registering with one of these businesses, you will have the ability to control the DNS ZONE for your domain name. Once you have your own domain name, you may provide any IP address to records connected to it, including,, and other domains. This procedure converts a visitor’s browser request for your domain name, such as, into a machine-readable address, such as, allowing them to access your website. The biggest benefit of registering a domain name is that it provides you with a distinct identity and personality. A domain name’s owner information becomes public after it is registered, however, your registrar may allow you to disguise it for an additional cost. Depending on the extension of the domain name, the cost of registering it will vary. For instance, the most popular domain name extension ‘.com’, is also the least expensive, however, some country-specific domain name extensions might cost significantly more. According to our experience, shorter domain names—like—cost substantially more than longer ones.   

Domain Name Registration

Empowering Ownership: The Importance of Having Control Over Your Domain Name for SEO Success

For users to access your website, search engines to index it, and other features you would expect from an internet service, you must also possess a domain name. We frequently encounter clients who have previously had their domain registered by a web developer, friend, or cousin without them being aware of it. We think this is dangerous for you as a business owner since the registered owner is in charge of keeping up payments and controlling access to your Domain. Similar to the ownership documents for your automobile, if the service is in someone else’s name, you are depending on them to maintain it operational. Himal Tech advises that you always have your own domain. If this isn’t the case, you should change it right away. We can offer guidance on the procedure, but it often relies on who registered the domain and if you remain in touch with the owner.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any Domain Name Registration, such as .com, edu, .net, etc. Typically, we charge £15 per year for one domain registration. However, we can offer a discount if you want to register more. Would you mind calling us or visiting our office for more information? 

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Like we’d like to suggest a domain name for your business. So please contact us before you register your company and domain names. 

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We’ll be able to suggest a good domain name for your business and services. Please provide your proposed business name, preferred domain extension, and company’s services or products in detail so I can do the necessary research and suggest the three most suitable, catchy, memorable, SEO-friendly domain names. Then, it’s up to you to choose the best one that suits your needs.

What is a domain extension?

Domain extension means .com, .uk,, .org, .net, etc.

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