Website Health Check

Web Health Check in the UK

Search engines like a healthy website. So, is your business website healthy? Are you keeping a good site? Website health check reviews your online business status. It can quantify in many ways, but tracking and assessing the number of site errors over time is the most straightforward. As technical issues with the site get resolved, the number of broken pages and other flags will gradually shrink to zero, a clean bill of health. We have skillful, experienced IT Consultants such as website analysts, digital marketing specialists, and content specialists to do a website health check. Typically, we will perform the following statements on your business or organisation’s website.

Website Health Check

Website Health Check

  • Security – is it secure?
  • Online visibility – how easily does the client find you?
  • Site Speed – Does it load quickly?
  • Bounce Rate – Are your visitors leaving your website from the landing page without further browsing?
  • Ranking Position – Are you losing your keywords ranking Position?

SEO Health Check

We will perform keyword research, title tags, website copy, backlink analysis, etc.

Website Structure and Design Check

We will check the website for user experience and conversions. We will also review the site for any technical errors.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors might be taking away your potential customers.

We will perform a competitor analysis to give you an idea of where you stand (based on your SEO, Social Media and digital presence) compared to your competitor.

And suggestions include in the recommendations report on how to beat your competitors in the digital space.

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Website Health Check Woolwich.

We offer the best web health check for your business and organisation with a five % special discount for our Woolwich and surrounding area clients. Let us know if you are from Greenwich or southeast London.

Website Health Check Dartford

Similarly, we provide a six % discount for Dartford and Kent’s clients.

Website Health Check Near Me

Our social media and repeated customers will benefit by 10%SoSo don’t forget to take a discount on your next project.


What is a website health check?

The organisations build a business website that will work smoothly without any problems. The reality is different. The sites do not work seamlessly without problems. There are breakdowns on the website due to various reasons. The websites may be outdated, or there may be a lot of traffic, causing the website to work slowly. There can also be cyber attacks on the site that can be an issue in the website’s working. Sometimes, businesses cannot give proper attention to their websites. It can result in a breakdown of these websites. Customers sometimes get offended due to such disruptions and falloffs. The businesses also lose their potential customers. It requires the companies to rebuild the websites; thus, the organisations can suffer from massive spending on them. Therefore the organisation, to avoid these problems, can conduct a regular website health check that will save potential customers and prevent the sites from breakdowns.

The health checkups of the websites will help upgrade the functions and features and provide security to the sites. Various websites need customers to pay for services and products through online payment gateways. These gateways require a high level of protection, and thus, a website health check must be conducted. These organisations may also suffer from a loss of data sometimes. The website health checkup can help businesses from losing any crucial data. Organisations can back up their files and data through this process. People in today’s modern world are very busy and lead a hectic life. People want to work fast, and thus they do not like to work on slow websites. The users will switch to another site immediately if they find the website dull.

Why do we need it in the Greenwich area’s business?

The Blooming IT sector in the Greenwich area is highly prone to cyber-attacks. Therefore, organisations in the Greenwich area need a health checkup regularly to avoid network blockage. Furthermore, the website can get slow due to many present systems. Therefore, businesses should make it a regular practice to conduct a health check to avoid traffic on their particular sites. Also, since the area is becoming an IT hub, it is under the threat of getting attacked by cybercriminals. Therefore, businesses need to prepare in advance to protect their websites. There is also a need for organisations to update the sites regularly. It will help keep the users attracted to their websites by creating interest. 

Why do we need it in Dartford, Kent areas business?

The Dartford, Kent area is another busy area with many businesses and organisations. These organisations also need to build webs to keep ahead of the competition. The websites are also created for the customers so that the companies can meet the consumers’ expectations. However, there is also an expectation from businesses to maintain the website’s quality in different ways. For example, the customers need a display of new products, faster site work, etc. To fulfil the expectations, organisations need to conduct health checkups. It will ensure that the web traffic deviates toward the website and that customers return to the site. It will also increase the sales of businesses in the Kent area.

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