How to choose the best domain name

A domain name serves as the entry point for internet users to access a website. While computers use IP addresses, which consist of numerical sequences, humans have a difficult time recalling them. Domain names were introduced as user-friendly alternatives to IP addresses, providing easy-to-remember identifiers for internet entities. Users have the flexibility to combine letters and numbers when registering a domain, allowing for creative and personalized choices. Additionally, domain extensions like .com, .net, .tech, and others further categorize websites based on their purpose or industry.


How to choose the best domain name


Selecting an Optimal Domain Name


  • Implement Think Domain – Think .com.
  • Short and catchy name 
  • It must be less than 15 letters. 
  • Use the company name or main working keywords
  • It must be unique and brandable.
  • Ignore doubled letters or hyphens.
  • Ignore the vast competition domain.
  • Try to purchase an old domain if you can afford
  • Try to buy a good DA / PA Domain
  • Try to buy an environment that has good backlinks

Case study one on the Domain name change


One of the clients uses the domain name After our website and domain consultation, he bought for $2900. And now he is delighted. You can quickly figure out how easy it is to remember and 

Case study two on the Domain name change


Our other client, Real Dreams Consultancy, has a domain of It’s short, but clients usually remember this company for real dreams consultancy. So, we have suggested keeping the old part and registering the new domain name as And now, they have all social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and so on as real dreams consultancy. 

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