Tips to Get Google Business Reviews

How to get Google Business Reviews

The importance of Google reviews makes you wonder how to increase them. We are trying our best to make a list on Tips to Get Google Business Reviews, and here are a few tips:

Focus on Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Make your customers love your product or service. If you show that your customers are valued, they’ll become loyal customers who want to share their experiences with others.


Google Business Reviews


Request a review directly

You might not think to ask your customers for Google reviews, but sending them a link to the review page may motivate them to leave one. Also, please ask your employees for a review whenever a customer makes a purchase, but be friendly.

Respond to negative and positive reviews

Your customers know that their voice matters when you respond to their negative and positive reviews. So please don’t ignore them. Moreover, it helps build a lasting customer relationship by encouraging them to post more reviews, knowing two won’t be omitted.

Leave Something Behind

Additionally, this is a great marketing technique if you want to give your customers something they can use to contact your company. Please leave a business or feedback card with their product or a phone number to contact you. If you have an online business, you can offer this online: Don’t Lose It at Bad Reviews.

Don’t Lose It at Bad Reviews

If you don’t get a positive review, what do you do? It’s straightforward: don’t attack the customer. Be patient and apologize. Politely tell them you will fix it. Customers will be more likely to choose your company if they see that you read their reviews and take action to fix them.

Use Calls to Action (CTAs) to Encourage People

Sometimes, customers need a reminder to write a review. You can add Calls to Action (CTAs) in multiple places on your website or physical store. A simple “Like something? Leave a review”! Will give them a push.

Make It Simple for Them

To get the best reviews, tell your customers that it is easy. For example, could you tell them you give your product or service a star rating and ask them to write a short review about their experience?

Email marketing is worth trying

If you want more reviews, use email marketing! Ask your customers to write a review for you, and they will likely do so. They’re happy customers. Calling for a review on Google is pretty straightforward, so you should get one.

You can use social media platforms

Using social media to communicate with your customers is a great way to communicate. So please do not ignore them! For example, if your followers like what you do and their experience, you could include a link to your Google Business reviews section. Nowadays, every business or service provider has social media. And it’s a great platform to communicate with your customers. So please include a link to the Google Business reviews section and ask your followers to add what they think of your Business and your experience with you.

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