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Karobar App in Nepal

Digital Khata App – The KarobarApp is an electronic khata (record keeping) for Nepalese business owners. The Karobar app lets users quickly track their personal and professional “khata.” This software helps users keep track of everyday transactions and credit card activity. Byte Care Technology, an IT solutions provider from Nepal focusing on web and mobile app development, is the proprietor of this app. Samir Phuyal, a third-year BIT student at Itahari International College, created the award-winning program Karobar, which placed among the top five finalists for the current Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2022 and won the NYEF Startup Award 2022. The digital Khata app is beneficial for both personal and professional use.



Features and functionality of the Karobar App

The Karobar app revolutionizes business management by allowing users to create their digital personal khata and simplify their operations. It can be adapted to various company types, offering a variety of features like customer report generation, net balance previews, transaction history checks, and automatic data backup. The app functions both online and offline, resolving the challenges posed by traditional paper khata systems and ensuring efficient khata management. Its user-friendly bilingual interface (English and Nepali) and powerful security measures make it highly appealing and trustworthy. With over 10,000 merchants in Nepal recommending it and 526 users rating it 4.4 stars, the Karobar app is a must-have for startups and field businesses seeking a reliable digital khata solution.

How do you download the Digital Khata App and use it?

Please find below the instructions for downloading the app and creating an account.


      • To begin, go to your app store or Play store

      • In the search bar, search for the “Karobar” App.

      • Download and install the application.

      • Create your account and start using it efficiently.

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