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Generate a QR Code for Mobile


In this blog, we will explain the concept of QR codes for mobile. QR codes have become increasingly popular in the market. Paying with QR codes and using them for other purposes has grown in popularity worldwide. We also use QR codes on our phones to connect to WiFi networks. Are you aware that such QR codes can be generated easily using smartphones? Today, we will discuss creating a QR code using a smartphone. Creating a QR code from an app or website is generally possible. Certain premium (paid) apps allow users to customize QR codes.

QR Code for mobile



Here is an example of how to generate a QR code using a website:

      • Next, select one of the URLs you require, visiting cards, emails, SMS, WiFi, etc.; for example, you attempted to create your visiting card. You can do this by selecting the visiting card option. Then, you fill out the various details there.

      • Click on generate code to generate the code. To place your logo in the QR code, you must register.

      • Place the logo by tapping the Free Signup button. After that, you can sign up using your Google account. Signing up is easy since Bitly is a well-known international company.

      • Once registered, choose the QR code you want to create. If you have selected Visiting Card, proceed to the next step. Put the requested information there.

      • Once you have selected the next option, click on it. You may download the file by clicking the download button.

      • The details of the page can be seen if a person scans the one you downloaded.

    Using these methods, you can create a QR code that can be placed on your visiting card. You can generate a free QR code from this site for 13 days only. After that, you will need to purchase the premium service. Also, please check out our blog: Freelancers also need a website. Furthermore, please check out our website design and monthly SEO packages if you want the best SEO services.

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