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Why Does Hosting Affect Ranking?

SEO has constantly evolved since its inception 15 years ago. The search engines push out updates (Penguin, Panda, Pigeon) that penalize websites that do not comply with the SERPs (Search engine result pages). In addition, people flock to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, constantly looking for content related to their niches. As a result, SEO and SEO services become more competitive daily, with many people vying for top positions on popular keywords. But how much do you know about hosting your website? Does it affect rankings? The answer is yes, but only if you are careless with your choice of host or perhaps own an old crappy server. Read on as I cover how hosting can affect your rankings.


What is Hosting?

Hosting is where your website files and database sit. The host company stores all your files and ensures you can access them through a domain name. For example, our blog and client site on A2 Hosting servers are hosted under single accounts. (a practice frowned upon by many webmasters). Different hosts offer features that they advertise as ‘benefits’ such as faster speeds or more disk space. Ensure the required features are available, though not every host is reliable.
Furthermore, if your traffic levels rise, there may be hidden costs, such as bandwidth charges. Google treats poor hosting like a plague: any site hosted on an unreliable server will fall in rankings (especially noticeable with SERP fluctuations). Slow sites annoy visitors and can make them leave your website for a competitor.

Benefits of hosting

Backing up files is faster as the servers are usually optimised to handle multiple requests. In addition, it means you save time if you ever need to use a backup. Business web hosting lets you install content management systems like WordPress or web apps like Joomla without hassle. It saves your developers time and money should they need to work on the backend of your site.

Does Hosting Help In Rankings? 

First of all, let’s make it clear. We are not discussing where your website hosting happens; instead, we discuss how hosting affects or helps search engine rankings. As discussed above, Google considers many different factors when ranking a website. Among them, hosting is essential in determining whether your website is appropriately indexed in SERPs. If your content is hosted on a good server with good uptime, you can expect better rankings for your website in SERPs. To avoid this annoying situation for their visitors, web admins strive to host their websites with reliable web hosts to index them properly by search engines. As a result, users do not encounter “Page Not Found” errors when they click on particular results.
Hosting is considered one of the key factors in ranking your website on Google. After all, if your site is hosted with an excellent hosting company, you can expect better rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo because these webmasters know that their users expect only relevant results. Hence, they consider hosting to be a key factor. You should note that other factors also play a vital role in determining how well your website ranks on SERPs, like whether or not you are using any black hat SEO tactics, backlinks, keywords you are targeting, etc. But always keep the quality high, content, and links; follow Google Webmaster Guidelines strictly while doing any SEO work. Hosting is one reason many websites rank on the first page of Google.

Wrapping Up

Hosting can affect your rankings in many ways because it’s about where your website is hosted and how well you have done your SEO work to get better rankings. So always host websites with reliable web hosts having good customer support. You will always be able to immediately discuss any technical issues while running a blog or doing any other online business involving content publishing like writing blogs, e-books, etc. So explore SEO, and if you are in Asia, check SEO Services. Also, don’t forget to check our SEO monthly packages.

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