Why Businesses Need SEO Consultants

Are you like some business owners who prefer to do everything by themselves? From setting up their business to recruiting employees and ensuring smooth operations at all levels. This preference varies from not believing that anyone can get stuff done to their satisfaction—to cutting costs where possible—the list is endless. While their efforts are commendable—such business owners wear themselves out, and except in rare cases—they often have too many pending tasks on their to-do lists.


Why Businesses Need SEO Consultants
Why Businesses Need SEO Consultants


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one task business owners may never do if they outsource. What is SEO? It’s a business growth strategy freelancers and established companies use to attract website visitors. People search the internet when they need to buy products or services, and one of the most popular search platforms is Google. So, if you consistently ensure that your business appears among the first batch of search results, more people will visit your website, and you can then convert them from visitors to customers or leads. SEO entails everything—from configuring your website to attracting visitors and converting them.

There are bits and pieces of SEO tutorials on YouTube and other places that amateurs can use for experimental purposes. Still, professionals who execute SEO at advanced levels are best positioned to know the best practices for achieving desired SEO results. If you’re thinking: “But I’ve learnt quite a lot from those YouTube tutorials, so I might as well call myself a Pro”, you may be right. But are you willing to spend so much time configuring SEO strategies and monitoring results? Why not outsource this responsibility so you can focus on nurturing and converting the leads generated? Whether you’re a freelancer or the founder of an established business—this approach will help you close more sales and grow your market share without stress. Below are some additional reasons businesses like yours need SEO Consultants:

1. There is no need to hire an in-house SEO employee and inherit related employment costs for health insurance, training, pension, work tools, etc. It is exciting for business owners whose operations are partially or entirely virtual and freelancers who don’t even have plans to attempt physical functions: they never have to worry about the costs incurred concerning their SEO Consultant’s work.

2. Since no one is resuming at your physical office daily (if you have one), you can hire the best SEO consultant from any world to work for you. So you’re not at risk of being limited by geographic location and time difference. What’s more? SEO Consultants will share real-time progress reports with you. Hence, you’re sure they’re working as agreed and not neglecting your business while using your physical office resources for their projects.

3. You’ll be relieved of the responsibility to ensure that your website attracts visitors searching for your products or services and that a significant percentage of those visitors are converted to customers. Also noteworthy is that you may pay for the services of just one SEO Consultant. Still, during the brainstorming, implementation and campaign monitoring stages—everyone at the SEO Company will most likely be working for you at no extra cost.

You may feel like jumping right to hiring an SEO Consultant right away, but before you do—take some time to answer the following essential questions:

What results do you want to achieve from an SEO Consultants? 

Your answer to this question should be more specific than vague. So instead of ‘more conversions’, your response should be more like ‘40% more conversions’ or 50% more website traffic or 30% more leads generated. The current results will be a yardstick to measure expected results.

What is your budget for an SEO Consultants?


Whether you’re a freelancer or an established company, the importance of having a budget set aside for any project cannot be over-emphasised. It helps you decide faster on what resources to use—especially when you’re strict about not spending more than budgeted. SEO Consultants charge differently. Some will request a percentage of your budget—while others will charge a flat rate per project or term (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). You might want to consider these factors when answering the question about your budget. To be safe, look out for transparent SEO Consultants about their pricing. It will allow you to compare prices and decide without stress.

What do you know about the SEO Consultants you’re hiring?


While browsing websites to compare prices and packages, you might also look for Client testimonials regarding the SEO Consultants on your shortlist. It will give you insight into their capabilities and what to expect. Suppose they have past projects showcased on their website—all the better for you. When you get a chance, ask questions about the SEO techniques used by the Consultants you’ve shortlisted and do your little research. Whatever you do, flee from Consultants who use black hat techniques—as they might put your business at risk of losing its online credibility.

Full-service SEO Consultants are like a goldmine—if you find them. They make your burden light—so you don’t have to run from pillar to post looking for complementary services to improve your SEO results. SEO-complementary services include copywriting, content marketing, web design, social media marketing, video marketing, geofencing marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), page speed services, etc.

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