What is Content writing

What is content writing? There are lots of questions about what content writing is. Lots of people are still confused about content and organic content. Similarly, many people only focus on the outlook of the website rather than organic content. So, instead of having a beautiful website entirely of text, why is our online presence comparatively weak?

Similarly, why do SEO consultants constantly repeat organic, engaging, and fact content? Why is it so essential for digital companies? Well, it’s simple regarding effective online marketing of a business’s services or products. More than 70 per cent of marketers say content marketing increases positive engagement. That’s why we say ‘Content is Still King’.


What is Content writing


What is Content writing?

What does content writing mean?

Content writing is a form of online writing closely linked to web marketing campaigns. It means creating writing on websites designed to sell or promote a specific product.

Point to remember for a content writer

Take it easy and follow the simple steps. Some points are as follows.

      • First, Know your audience.

      • Write short, simple sentences.

      • Try to write your own words.

      • Write in an active, not passive, voice.

      • Mix up your word choice.

      • Make text scannable

    Did I miss some points? Comment below so that I will update accordingly.

    Effective Content Writing

        • Write a catchy headline. 

        • Think of reader attention.

        • Write based on research or personal experience.

        • Always target your primary purpose.

        • Optimise digital content professionally.

      Hate Long sentence

      Many people still love long sentences. For example, I breathe twice while reading just one sentence. Similar to that, search engines love short and clear sentences. 

      Ignore the software’s suggestions in some cases.

      Nowadays, many businesses and people use software; however, you sometimes must ignore their suggestions. 

      Ignore Possibly wordy sentences and Monotonous passages.

      There is no grammatical error with the passive voice. It’s just a personal preference. It’s pretty standard for readers to prefer an active agent. Active voice clauses refer to clauses in which the subject is involved. (I saw Dad.) In a clause written in the passive voice, the action is performed upon the subject of the clause. (Dad was seen.) When used actively, a statement can be more straightforward, concise, accountable, or sure than passively. Therefore, the active voice should be used whenever possible. However, the passive voice is appropriate when the actor is unknown or unimportant. (My bike was stolen.)

          • Passive – Mistakes were made.

          • Active –   We made mistakes.

          • Passive – The boss was informed that the website was down.

          • Active – Mrs Smith informed the boss that the website was down.

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