SEO Job Interview Questions

Hello SEO Freaks, Today we discuss some of the most important interview questions for enrolling in any SEO-related job. I have done quite a little research to collect some questions in an SEO job interview. As the answers may not be or cannot be the same for every question, I have highlighted only some critical points for the answers to the questions below. It all depends upon the knowledge and experience of the candidate. But to make it easier for you to prepare for the SEO job interview, I have listed some questions and answers in this blog.

What will be the SEO Job Interview Questions like?

Tell me about the niches you worked for. Also, tell me about your KPIs for the project.

Explain your areas of work in previous jobs and practices. Examples: E-commerce, Real estate, Blog, Medical, Service-based website etc. You shall explain about the job and share your experiences. Let the interviewer know the significant areas you worked in. You can make use of topics like: What was your main work? Was it to bring traffic? Ranking? Tell them about the conversion rates. How to convert? What were your targets? How did you track performance? Etc.

What kind of Google penalties can you get?


      • Cloaking and Sneaky Redirects

      • Cloaking: First Click Free Violation

      • Cloaked Images

      • Hacked Site

      • Hidden Text and Keyword Stuffing

      • Pure Spam

      • Thin Content with Little or no added value

      • Unnatural links to your site

      • Unnatural links from your site

      • User-generated spam

    What is cloaking?

    Cloaking in SEO is a method used to serve users content or information different from what search engine crawlers present.




    Tell me about the steps related to SEO audit.


        • Technical analysis

        • Accessibility

        • Indexability

        • On-page analysis

        • Content issues

        • Metadata

        • Page/site structuring

        • Off-page analysis

        • Anchor text diversity

        • Link profile

        • Referring domains

        • Competitive analysis and keyword research

        • What is the site ranking for

        • What their main competitors are rankings for

        • Keywords they could be targeting

      What are the different ways of connecting Google Analytics to our website?

      You can find the steps on the Google Analytics website.


      How is the FAQ schema going to help us?


      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) schema markup informs search engines that your website contains FAQs. You can improve your ranking on the search engine results page if you have a FAQ page on your website. Its use has several practical benefits, including increased relevance, conversions, and user experience.  


      What first step should we take if our webpage is not getting crawled?


      Request to crawl on the Google Search Console.

      Can you create goals in Google Analytics? Show a demo if necessary/asked.


      You will need to sign in to Google Analytics. Click on Admin, and then navigate to the desired view. Click on Goals in the VIEW column. You can create a new goal by clicking + NEW GOAL or importing a plan from the gallery. You can also edit an existing project by clicking its configuration button.

      Have you used the screaming frog tool before? What information can it give you? (You may be asked about any software related to SEO.)


          • Find broken links

          • Audit redirects

          • Analyse page titles, title tags & Metadata (Meta Tags)

          • Discover Duplicate Content

          • Extract Data with XPath

          • Review Robots & Directives

          • Generate XML Sitemaps

        What is a Canonical URL?

        Typically, a canonical URL refers to a link element in the head element of your client’s webpage with the attribute rel= “canonical” (also referred to as a canonical tag). By specifying their preferred URL, search engines can find them.

        How can I see what pages are indexed in Google?

        You can find the steps on the Google Search Console.

        How can we rank at the top position?

        Find the steps on the internet and ensure you can explain everything adequately.

        How do you stay updated on SEO news?

        Tell them if you are involved in some channels or groups to get the news. You can name particular blogs which you follow for updates.

        Tell me a few effective backlink strategies.

            • Guest blogging

            • Outreach

            • Broken Link Building

          Tell me something about core web vitals.

          A set of metrics called Core Web Vitals measures how well a webpage performs regarding loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability. For success with Search and to ensure a good user experience, it is highly recommended that site owners achieve good Core Web Vitals.

          Don’t forget these three significant things: First input delay, Cumulative layout shift, and LPC.

          Tell me one latest update that came in SEO.

          Remain updated with the SEO trends and name them according to the time. (Example: Any particular update in Google Search Console)

          How will you identify if there is any new Google update?

          Example: Semrush sensor

          What do you see in SEO in the next five years?

          Focusing on user intent.

          Can social media backlinks benefit us from an SEO Point of view? – No

          If we need any junior executives, where can we get them?

          Outsource, Hire freelancers, Upwork, etc channels.

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