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Many students and job seekers are looking for information on writing SEO-focused CVs to boost their chances in the competitive job market. With the increasing demand for SEO specialists by companies aiming to enhance their online presence, drive website traffic, and boost revenue, you must showcase your skills and expertise effectively in your CV. A well-written SEO CV can impress hiring managers and demonstrate why you’re the perfect fit for an SEO career in this dynamic industry.
In this blog post, we’ll dive into the essential steps of creating an impactful SEO CV and provide a sample template to guide you through the process. By following these guidelines and tailoring your CV to highlight your SEO skills, achievements, and industry knowledge, you can significantly increase your chances of landing your dream job in SEO.


What is an SEO CV?


When applying for SEO and marketing positions, SEO experts utilise an SEO CV to emphasise their expertise, abilities, and accomplishments. SEO specialists are in charge of internet promotion and raising a website’s position in search results. Jobs that may call for an SEO CV include:

      • Junior SEO Specialist

      • Senior SEO Specialist

      • SEO Analyst

      • Content marketer

      • SEO manager

      • SEO Specialist

      • Digital marketer

    The SEO skills CV should demonstrate that the candidate possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in internet marketing, strategic planning, communication, creative thinking, and research.




    Writing an SEO CV

    While showcasing the talents and expertise exclusive to SEO professionals, an SEO CV has all the components of any other employment CV. Reverse chronological CVs, which list your most recent accomplishments and work history first, followed by past positions, abilities, and education, are a strong style for SEO. This approach enables SEO experts to outline duties and expertise developed via involvement in several agencies or projects.

    Follow these steps to write a strong SEO CV:

    1. Make an introduction by using a header

    Write a header with your complete name and contact details at the top of your CV. Your contact information might be as straightforward as your phone number and email address or contain your whole address. Your title (e.g., SEO specialist), social media handles, a link to a professional networking site, or a personal website are all optional data to add beneath your name in the header. List your website here if it has a portfolio of your work so potential employers can view it.


    SEO Manager
    Woolwich, London
    534-668-1234 |
    @tomdigital |

    2. Include a summary or objective in your CV

    A CV summary, or an objective, is a brief statement at the beginning of your CV and briefly describes your professional goals, competencies, and experience. While an objective focuses on your qualifications for the position, a CV summary highlights your aspirations. If you are changing or just starting your SEO profession, you may decide to include an aim; however, if you have a lot of work experience, you may choose a summary. Both are designed to immediately grab the hiring manager’s attention and demonstrate why you are the best person for this SEO role.

    3. Experiences in your field should be listed

    Include corporate information and accomplishments from your most recent and relevant position in your CV. Instead of just describing your duties, substantiate your claims using statistics and numbers in three to five bullet points. Include strong verbs, active voice, and keywords from the job description. Using keywords is crucial since applicant tracking systems (ATS) scan applications for them. These terms are searched for when a recruiting manager scans CVs, even if they are not using an ATS.


    SEO Manager, Abc Company

    July 2022 – January 2023

        • Optimised a complex media website for search engines

        • Increased organic web traffic by 29% and lowered bounce rates by 12%

        • Increased the website’s ranking from page 3 to the top four for 12 major keywords

        • Produced easy-to-read month-over-month reports

      4. Make your skills available to others

      Employing managers seek out SEO experts with excellent technical and soft abilities. In the powers part of your SEO CV, provide a mix in a bulleted list format. Make sure to tailor this list to each position you apply for based on the keywords in the job description. Please include all the SEO software and tools you are familiar with since they are crucial for marketing and analytics.

      Example – Skills:

          • Proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, & CSS

          • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Microsoft Excel, Ahrefs, Moz Pro, SEMrush, SpyPro

          • Planning and implementing content strategies, as well as analysing competitors and target audiences

          • Editing and copywriting for search engines

          • Ability to think critically, manage time efficiently, and collaborate effectively

        5. Education and training can be added

        Include your degree(s), the title and location of the school you attended, and the date you graduated under a heading for education. Consider highlighting academic accomplishments and classes you did in college that are pertinent to SEO and marketing if you are a recent college graduate. Include any credentials or training you have obtained as well. These qualifications demonstrate to potential employers that you are committed to your profession and continually seeking to keep up with the latest SEO trends.

        6. Be sure to proofread your CV

        When you’re done, carefully read your CV to check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Employers want to see accuracy when hiring for an SEO role that requires copywriting, meticulousness, and data analysis.

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