Best Online Shopping Website in Nepal

Top Online Shopping Website in Nepal


With the development of online shopping, it has become increasingly easy for consumers to shop online anytime, anywhere in the world without leaving their homes. As e-commerce platforms gained popularity around the globe, Nepalese IT professionals introduced customized online shopping platforms for the local market. The use of credit cards was not widespread in Nepal at first, and alternative payment gateways were rare. Payment processing was one of the biggest challenges faced by e-commerce websites in Nepal. However, technological developments have significantly improved the situation, with a wide range of payment methods now available, including cash on delivery, offered by most online shopping websites.

Our selection of Nepal’s top online shopping platforms relies on Alexa Website traffic statistics, which include factors such as Alexa Rank, engagement metrics, referral sources, audience insights, technical capabilities, and local resources. Many of these platforms are headquartered in the Kathmandu Valley, showcasing the region’s growing prominence in the global e-commerce landscape. Some of them are as follows:


Online Shopping Website in Nepal


Best Online Shopping Website in Nepal


Daraz is Alibaba Group’s online marketplace (e-commerce) and logistics company for Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar. They have invested significant funds and have a professional technical team, so it has become a leading online marketplace in this region, connecting thousands of sellers with millions of customers. No doubt, they will remain king for many years.


OkDam is an online shopping site managed by a few innovative young Nepalese IT professionals. It offers Online Shopping in Nepal. You can place an order from around the world to deliver within Nepal. You can purchase their products from any place in Kathmandu Valley and provide them to any mentioned destinations. Similarly, If you are aboard and want to send any parcel or service to your loved one, you can do it with just a click. They will do delivery accordingly.

Best Online Shopping Website in Nepal

Similarly, it offers a free Online Store for people. You can create an online store to sell clothes, electrical items, household items, etc. You can advertise your services, for example, SEO, digital marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, keyword research, backlink services, and so on…Once you purchase any product, Okdam will charge very minimum service charges. So it will be the best option for many unemployed youths or those who recently returned to Nepal from abroad, as a young IT professional who owns it.

Online Shopping Websites in Kathmandu and Nepal

Similarly, other popular and best e-commerce shopping websites are shown below.

      • Sastodeal

      • Thulo

      • Muncha House

      • Smartdoko

      • Meroshopping


      • Foodmandu

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